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Relativity Theory…As I Speed Up, My Work Slows Down

Einstein was such a brain!  His thought experiments  showed  that time begins to slow down as the one moving increases her speed.  This is called time dilation.  As I work on my icons I have gone into a relativity vortex.  This realization struck as … Continue reading

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Gray Gravitas

I have recently decided to stop coloring my hair at the age of 62. Rather than wanting to look younger…I want to look as I am. Many within my circle have tried to convince me to stay “blonde.” They have, … Continue reading

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Beginning…and Learning byzantine iconography

On my first icons, I was very disappointed when my icons did not remotely look like the model the instructor had pictured at the front of the class. Slowly, I began to realize that the drawing the students had been … Continue reading

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