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Wabi Sabi and the Art of Iconography

The world was created by an artist. Hand-made and full of color and irregularity. The artist had a wabi-sabi sense of beauty…a Japanese aesthetic. Nothing too perfect, nothing superfluous. Take man, for example. Or even woman, 2 point o. Do … Continue reading

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Relativity Theory…As I Speed Up, My Work Slows Down

Einstein was such a brain!  His thought experiments  showed  that time begins to slow down as the one moving increases her speed.  This is called time dilation.  As I work on my icons I have gone into a relativity vortex.  This realization struck as … Continue reading

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Getting Icons Ready for Showing

Sigh….One might think that after putting in hundreds of hours on a 16 by 24 icon board that, at last! one were finished, but alas, one would be wrong.  I learned this the hard way this past week when I set … Continue reading

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An Iconographer’s Studio

 All my life I have waited to be an artist.  That is, a practicing artist.  Quietly, while I was busy with the stuff of life I studied, went to museums, read books…ripened…so to speak. Fortunately for me I did not … Continue reading

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Drawing (and painting!) on the Right Side of the Brain

Years ago there was a book published called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.  It posited, no–reported that persons with no artistic bent could replicate an image were they to copy it while viewing it upside down. This process … Continue reading

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Artists and Craftspeople and Iconography

When I attended a beginner’s workshop in iconography I was taught that it was imperative to follow the old icons.  We used tracings of icons that have been “copied” hundreds of times across the centuries.  The teacher was an elderly … Continue reading

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The Smallest Things Make the Biggest Differences; Quantum Physics and Iconography

there are many commonalities between quantum physics and the tiny amounts of pigment and brush strokes that can ruin an icon Continue reading

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