About Me…

I Have Waited My Whole Life for This Moment
I am the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who came to this country post World War II. I was born with a natural talent in the visual arts and grew up dreaming of becoming an artist. But, bowing to the wishes of my parents I followed a more traditional path to become a science teacher and later a librarian. The responsibilities of life and family determined that I continue bringing in a regular, predictable income, but my love for the arts never wavered. Wherever our family traveled over the next 25 years, we always visited the art museums. I learned calligraphy, sumi-e and watercolor painting. Finally, having retired from my ‘day job’ I became free to study icon painting, which is part of my byzantine heritage. And now, I have stepped into a paradise where I can learn and paint full time. I am happiest when I can spend the entire day and evening working on an icon. Painting with tempera sometimes requires an hour or so of drying time between the transparent layers that are needed to complete the piece. And so I do have time for other things! But, when I am at my table in my studio is when I am happiest. Sometimes I work accompanied by the sounds of sacred music I can play on my i-pad, and sometimes the birds sing for me as I work. My table looks out through large picture window to the woods and the sky and the seasons and the weather and sunlight. Each moment of each day throughout the year is different, and I am where I should be in the universe.





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