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They pick me

I spend several hours each day looking at icon images in books and online. When I find one I am especially drawn to, I usually copy it into a computer file for future reference. The icon may be one that … Continue reading

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Where to Purchase Art Supplies for Iconography

Where should you purchase your art supplies?  The answer will surprise you.  It turns out that artist supplies are a market commodity and as such charges are established at what the market will bear.  In other words, if you fancy … Continue reading

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All Creativity Builds on What Came Before…

“The student is not an isolated force. He belongs to a great brotherhood, bears great kinship to his kind. He takes and he gives. He benefits by taking and he benefits by giving.” These words clarify a feeling I myself … Continue reading

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Whatever you dream you can do, or think you can do — begin it…

    “Whatever you dream you can do, or think you can do — begin it, for boldness has genius and power and magic within it.” These words were spoken by Goethe centuries ago, but many wise people have lived by … Continue reading

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Medium as Message

  Often as I work, in fact, always, at some point I feel I have ruined an icon with some over painting or other. Particularly on skin, a float usually will help to blend out imperfections, the idea being that … Continue reading

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Discernment and the Spiral Path

As I continue to paint and study, I recognize that examples I once felt were fine have nothing of value for me.  My vision has sharpened, and I can now distinguish between those icons that are of average skill, and … Continue reading

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John, angel of the desert

I cannot look into the eyes of an icon for weeks at a time without forming a personal, loving relationship with the source of that image.  In this case John the Baptist.  If I were to play a game and … Continue reading

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Growth is not linear

  The nature of painting in this style requires that we return to the same areas again and again, alternating with highlights, or the detail work, and floats, or washes of color. Fibonacci is speaking to us here again, taking … Continue reading

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Not all those that wander are lost

  I wander though books. I wander through Google. Mostly I wander through Pinterest. Each morning I spend an hour or two or sometimes three (!) traveling through space and time looking at icons, artist’s icon portfolios, folders of ornaments, … Continue reading

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We Live In the Negative Space…

  Erasing yet another area that needed redoing on an icon I realized another universal pervasive law of the universe that is replicated across all disciplines. Quantum physics has already labeled this phenomenon as “negative space”. That is, we are … Continue reading

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