Where to Purchase Art Supplies for Iconography

10. between mother and son 5Where should you purchase your art supplies?  The answer will surprise you.  It turns out that artist supplies are a market commodity and as such charges are established at what the market will bear.  In other words, if you fancy yourself a great artiste with a high SQ (snob quotient) you will not be interested in greater purchasing power.  But, if you are interested in purchasing the identical quality, and sometimes superior quality materials for a tenth, a twenty fifth, a hundredth of what you are asked to pay in an iconographer’s supply catalog, then using my super human librarian powers and skill as a lab technician in a former life as well as au courant  phD in eBay, I will share my findings with you:

titanium dioxide      20gr                                  1kilogram (2.2 1b =2,200grams) 99%pure                  $7.00 + ship                        VS                        food grade particle size 0.15um            iconography supply catalog                                                $18.95 free ship                                                                                                                                          laboratory supply

ok Grocery store shoppers…do your math… compare the price per unit cost here… and it is…TA-DAH!!!  35 cents per gram VS 2 cents per gram, an astonishing 1,750% savings if you buy the kilo.  Can you use that much?  Heck, ye-ah.  Titanium white is the number one pigment I go through, and…you’ll never have to buy it again.  ps–can be used to tone down any latex or acrylic craft or house paint since that is one of it’s many registered uses.  But I digress…

linseed oil, denatured alcohol, floetrol, some varnishes and brushes, low tack tape: all of these items can be purchased in small bottles for big dollars from all the art supply stores  OR  they can be purchased in big sizes for small dollars at the hardware stores like Home Depot.  I even was able to purchase a one foot square granite tile grind my pigments upon.  The tile cost $6.00 compared to $70 or $80 dollars  I could have spent for glass !

30 ml porcelain mortar and pestle:
                       $19.99 +Shipping                VS              $3.99    in Kitchen supplies                                                        art supply                                                              TJMaxx

Wooden Hand Helper (Bridge)                  VS            FREE    !!                                             HOLY Cow!!! anywhere from $45-$69                    Scrap wood with 2                                                                                                                                     Jenga pieces glued to                                                                                                                               the bottom

I have many more ways of bringing the costly nature of iconography more within the common person’s reach.  Let me know if you would like to know some more.

Very truly yours, the frugal iconographer

 see my icons at http://www.frangelicoblueicons.com

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artist, poet, perrennial student. Otherwise eccentric live and let live type. Follow the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh philosophically. Loving the acceptance of all people by the Pope. Raised in a traditional Christian environment, but always wondered about the absence of the Divine Feminine and have found Her in the lost gospels from Nag Hammadi.
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