Whatever you dream you can do, or think you can do — begin it…


Young Christ's Blessing

Young Christ’s Blessing

  “Whatever you dream you can do, or think you can do — begin it, for boldness has genius and power and magic within it.” These words were spoken by Goethe centuries ago, but many wise people have lived by this philosophy, and I have found it to be true. The world is full of the most brilliant and creative people who were told they had no talent and would never succeed. That they needed to color within the lines. Do things the way they had always been done. That if they wanted to do something new they had issues or were “challenging authority.” Yes! That is the ticket. To give what is uniquely yours in the way only you can give it. That is the way God made us, and He made us so, so that we could share our gifts, not hide them. Be not afraid. Learn the canon. Study the masters. Observe that different schools have developed different styles over the centuries, including this one. Masters do not limit themselves to doing things in the exact same manner that those that precede them do. Be careful, there are many who suffer from the sin of pride when they judge the work of others. They are easy to spot. Real teachers are those who encourage their students to succeed by working independently and gaining confidence in their ability to work. The genius is in the trying. Try often enough and success is inevitable. Be humble. There are always many who are greater than you. Be kind to those who are not.

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